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First-Class Spraying Services in Yakima, Washington

Keep Weeds and Pests Off Your Lawn

Control weeds and pests from your lawn. The Remedy Spray Service offers first-class commercial and residential spraying services for your ornamental trees, shrubs, and perimeters in Yakima, WA. Rely on us for outdoor pest control. We are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy and lush lawn.

Spray Service  - Pest Control in Yakima, WA
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  • Affordable Rates
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  • Effective Pest Control Methods
  • More Than 15 Years of Good Reputation
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Keep your lawn weed- and pest-free with our reliable spraying services. The Remedy Spray Service can take care of weeds and various pests. Count on our years of experience and effective spraying methods.

For more information on effective outdoor pest control, call us at (509) 972-2699.